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2001 Corvus Ginninderra Press.

2002 Cut to the Word Ginninderra Press

2003 Into the No Zone Ginninderra Press

2006 Verbal Medicine: 21 Contemporary Clinician-Poets of Australia and New Zealand Ginninderra Press 

2008 The Solution to Us Ginninderra Press

2011 The Effective Butterfly  Ginninderra Press

2013 Last to Go (chapbook selected) Wagtail 125

2018 Red Song of the Red Earth  Ginninderra Press Pocket Poets 55

2018 The Underwritten Plain  Ginninderra Press

2019 Numbugga Dumb Bugger (illustrated by Peter Otton) Self-Published

2020 Spacewalk  Ginninderra Press Pocket Poets 138

2021 Maybe Street: Selected Poems of Anna Buck Ginninderra Press

Anthologies including my work 

1989 On Struggle Street (Poetry Australia 122), South Head Press:  Port Melbourne 5 am; p58

2001 FreeXpresSion Poetry Yearbook:Reverie; p10

2001 Wild About the Roof, Five Islands Press; Semi-trailer smash; 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55...; Parting; pp63-5

2002 From the Anabranch, NSW Poet's Union: Intercity Express; p61

2003 Said the Rat!, Black Pepper; These dead in their studied sections; Stages of Dying; p63-6

2004 Ask The Rain, NSW Poets Union; When the cow kicks; p31

2004 The Dogs of our Lives, Gloria Yates; The Death of Atlas; p73

2006 Primary Care: more poems by physicians, University of Iowa Press;  Last to Go, Morning in the bush, The muse collapses pp 65-7

2006 Verbal Medicine, edited by me, Ginninderra Press

2006 Kabitar Dui Bhumi/ Two Spaces of Poetry  Nandimukh (Calcutta/ Kolkata)

2006 On Common Water: Ginninderra Press 10th birthday selection by M Byrne

2006 Sun and Sleet: NSW Poet's Union Anthology

2008 Capital Letters: Boris Books, Canberra

2010 Law & Impulse: The Poets Union Inc  National Science Week Science Made Marvellous Project

2010 The Greenhouse: The Poets Union/5 Bells e-anthology no 1

2011 The Indigo Book of Australian Prose Poems ed M Byrne  Indigo 

2015 Falling and Flying: Poems on Ageing ed Beveridge/Ogle Brandl & Schlesinger

2015 Yeats 150: William Butler Yeats 1865-1939  Foley  Lilliput Press Ireland

2016 First Refuge  ed Nadge  Ginninderra Press

2018 Wild  ed Fenney  Ginninderra

2019 Mountain Secrets ed Fenney  Ginninderra 

2020 I Protest ed Matthews Ginninderra

2020 Australian Poetry annual anthology


Port Melbourne 5 am: Poetry Australia 122 (On Struggle Street); 1989 p58

Parting: Poetry Australia 131, Spring 1991, p47

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,...: Redoubt 16, 1993, p64

A Journey there and back: Northern Perspective Vol 17 No 2 1994, p79-80

A Journey there and back: Chiron (Uni Melb. Medical Society) Vol 3 No 2 1994 p27

Scaling the Venetian Fortress at Nafplion: 4W No 2 1991 p60

Semi-trailer smash: 4W No 3 1992 p69

Day Dreaming (of showing Basho our bush block): 4W No 4 1993 p84

Tribal: 4W No 5 p151 1994

The trapped bird: Yellow Moon No 9 2001

Driving to the City: Canberra Times (Panorama) Nov 10 2001 p17

The Red Centre: 4W No 11 2000 p 27 

OK, so here you are: 4W No 11 2000 p69

Waterhole: 4W No 12 2001 p35

The Death of Atlas: broad seat No 3 Oct 2001 p10

River: broad seat No 3 Oct 2001 p10

the spirit: broad seat No 3 Oct 2001 p10

History's lesson: broad seat No 3 Oct 2001 p10

space haiku: broad seat No 3 Oct 2001 p10

View from the old folks home: FreeXpresSion Vol (XI sic) VIII No 5 June 2001 p 16

Reverie: FreeXpresSion Vol VIII No 7 August 2001 p6

Inclined to the philosophical: FreeXpresSion ?issue 2001

Sadly this was not that world: Divan (on-line) 2001

Dotterel: Text (on-line) 2001

Fatherhood, some days: Muse 213 Dec/Jan 2001-2 p20

Escape: Muse 213 Dec/Jan 2001-2 p21

can't...breathe...: Muse 213 Dec/Jan 2001-2 p18

can't...breathe: The Lancet Vol 360 No 9344 November 9 2002 p1523

Last to go: Canberra Times (Panorama) June 29 2002 p17

If X-Ray is OK: Bega District News Letters 13/9/2002 p4

The world would love to love you: Bega District News Letters ?2002

expensive road: Dissent Spring 2002 p54

A storm of applause: Pelt No 6 March 2002 p33

Too busy for life: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol10 Issue 4 May 2002 p13

206 erogenous points: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol10 Issue 4 May 2002 p

Past a hero: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol10 Issue 4 May 2002 p13

These dead in their studied sections: 4W No 13 2002

Waxing illyrical: Tirra Lirra Vol 12 No 4 Winter 2002 p32

Stork's kid: Tirra Lirra Vol 12 No 4 Winter 2002 p32

Night in London: FreeXpresSion Vol IX No 1  January 2002 p14

Sicilian Market Place: FreeXpresSion Vol IX No 2  February 2002 p10

A life story (1-4): Inkshed 13 2002 pp120-2

Catatonia: Swyntax edition 5 2002 p47

Sleeper: Five Bells Autumn 2002

Stopping at the kerb: The Tablet 2002

Thirsting for the stream: The Tablet 2002

Who, numb-faced: Pendulum Issue 6 2002 p82

For Mr Howard...: Bega District News Letters Feb 2003

For Mr Howard...: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol11 Issue 10 Nov 2003 p12

There is no going back: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol11 Issue 10 Nov 2003 p12

Submarine log: Br J Med Ethics: Med Humanities 2004

Health promotion: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol12 Issue 6 July 2004 p9

These dead...: J Med Humanities Vol 25 No 2 Summer 2004 pp155-6 

Imagine the unthinkable: Overland No 181 November 2005 p94

Fatherhood, some days: Aust. Family Physician Vol34 No 9 September 2005 p709

To a springtime magpie: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol13 Issue 6 July 2005 p10

O terrible love let go: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol13 Issue 2 March 2005 p18

Dial-a-:Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol13 Issue 1 February 2005 p16

Look at him, doctor: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol13 Issue 3 April 2005 p13

Got a real job: Micropress Oz (The Mozzie) Vol13 Issue 3 April 2005 p15

Alien life: Ripples Issue 2 2005 p17

Stages of Dying: eZAAPP (on-line) March 2005

The fourth man: eZAAPP (on-line) 2 July 2005

Spiderwebs: Pendulum Issue 9 2005 p106

Heading into town: Wet Ink Issue 1 Summer 2005 p39

Alien life: New Scientist letters 2005

Too busy for life: Medical Observer 2005

Support the head: AAMH Newsletter Issue 1 p1

Ultrasound poem #2: Five Bells Winter 2005; also AFP May 2005

Alternative life: Five Bells Spring 2005

O: Studio 103 p14 2006 

In amongst the existential tropes: Southerly 1 2006 

The Good Hope: Blast 3 2006

Love is a Quantum Affair: Retort Magazine April 2006 (on line) (

Potential trilogy: Retort Magazine April 2006

Phyllographic: Retort Magazine April 2006

Middle Age Sonnets: SOFTBLOW 090406

real drone: 260306

The solution to us: Poetry Monash 73:2006

Old Cemetery at Yea: Poetry Monash 73:2006

Two wings make the bird: Canberra Times (Panorama) Dec 2nd 2006

Perpetual Horoscope: BLAST no4 2006

Population mass: Five Bells Spring 2006

(untitled Verse letter to 5 Bells Spring 2006)

Cycling for Anxiety: Poetry Monash No 74

After 'What comfort for you in my name': Poetry Monash No 74

Look at him doctor: PartyLine (National Rural Health Alliance) 2007

Rodent Fugue: Overland 188 September 2007

Four animals and a car: Five Bells Winter 2007

A day with Basho: BLAST No 6, 2007

The field of light (excerpt): National Rural Health Alliance calendar 2008

Flying doctor: SOFTBLOW Feb 2008

Support the Head: Australasian J Psychiatry 27:1 June 2008

Stork's Kid: Australasian J Psychiatry 27:1 June 2008

Stages of Dying: University of London School of the Medical Humanities blog

Development: Sustain, Autumn 2008

Recycling Music: Sustain, Autumn 2008

Look at him doctor: in A Journey to Recovery : Riverland Community Health Service, Berri S.A. 2008

An Unseen Wind: Blast 8 2008

When I'm cleaning windows: Poetry Monash no 77 2008

Crossing the street, avoiding a roasting: Canberra Times Sept 6th 2008

Mother's out of puff: Canberra Times 15th November 2008

Flying Doctor: excerpt: Partyline NHRA no34 Dec 2008

Recession to a point: Canberra Times, Panorama supplement 13/6/2009

Traffic Light: Five Bells Vol 16 2/3 p128

Wing Sheen: Poetry Monash no 78 2009

The Dizzy Ember: Poetry Monash no 79 2009

Environmental Science: 5 Bells 'The Greenhouse' e-anthology edition 1

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55... in Law & Impulse: The Poets Union Inc  National Science Week Science Made Marvellous Project 2010

Full Stop: Poetry Monash no. 84 2012

Pass the Parcel: Poetry Monash no. 85 2012

The Airman rolls away: in Falling and Flying: Poems on Ageing ed Beveridge/Ogle Brandl & Schlesinger 2015

Christmas 2004: in First Refuge  ed Nadge  Ginninderra Press 2016

Paranoid wind: in Wild Anthology GP 2018

Spacewalk: Canberra Times 2018

The Vast Importance of Knowing a Little: Commissioned by Melbourne University for Annual anatomy service

Grasp: Canberra Times 2019

Black Stump: in I Protest anthology GP 2020

Resurface: In AP anthology 2020

Weeding Coolumbooka: Canberra Times


Articles and Papers

Don't be a host when you head for the Coast: Town and Country February 1999

Ross River and Barmah Forest Disease: Rural Practice February 2000

The Evidence for the Evidence: 6th National Rural Health Conference 2001 (on-line)

Ross River Virus: Bega District News 11 Jan 2000

The lice advice: Town and Country 15 Feb 2000

Social Plan need the Community: Bega District News 22 Feb 2000

GPs should try on some genes: Aust. Doctor Weekly 14 April 2000

Ultrasound for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: Medical Observer 31 March 2000

Blister Mite discovery: Bega District News 7 November 2000

ER3: Economic Rationalists Encounter Rural Emergency Rooms: Dissent Spring 2002 p29

Four views of the country(4 books reviewed): Voice Issue 2 2002 pp35-8

A book I can do without (A little book of calm): Voice Issue 2 2002pp41-2

Exegesis of  'These dead in their studied sections': J Med Humanities Vol 25 No 2 Summer 2004 pp156-7

Which is it to be?(Autobiog.): Voice No 9 March 2004 pp11-13

No slick professionals (Community Radio): Voice No 12 Dec 2004 pp16-9

The Poet at War: Voice No 10 June 2004 pp15-18

My favourite place (Autobiog.): South Coast Weekly Jan 10-16 2005 p10

(Autobiog. piece): Medical Observer 2005

The Lightkeeper by Verity Laughton: SEAR Newsletter Issue 7 August 2005 p3

Australia's greatest intellectual export?: Voice No 13 2005

A Community Based Virtual Bioregion Project: Voice No 17 2006

Let's put the billy back on: Voice 20 2006 pp47-9

Review of FLING 'Who will come to the rescue?': Bega District News Sept 2006

Community: the ultimate energy saver: Community Power webpage 2006

'The Kookaburra and the Snake': in Bolton, G (2007) 'Dying, Bereavement, and the Healing Arts'  Jessica Kingsley, London pp165-170

'Verbal Medicine: Poetry and Healing in the Bush': 12th Keynote address to 9th National Rural Health Conference 9th March 2007 in Albury

ANZAME (Association Medical Education) pre-conference workshop at National Portrait Gallery; 'Interprorfessional learning' co-ordinated by Rebecca Vanderheide and Jo Gibson at University of Canberra School of Nursing

'Verbal Medicine: The resurgence of poetry as a healing art': International Doctor's Health Conference Sydney October 25th 2007

'Verbal Medicine: Poetry and healing in the bush' keynote address to 10th RDWA conference Adelaide November 2008 (rewritten adress from 2007

'Physician Heal Thyself' in Zadok Perspectives no 109, Winter 2009

'Dodging rednecks with a grudge' in Bolton G et al (ed.) (2010) Writing Routes  Jessica Kingsley Press London

'Impact of Swine Flu education on coughing in the doctor's face during examination' letter in AustNZ J Public Health 2011 35/1 p92

'Poetry an antidote to GP stress' in Medical Observer 20/2/2009 report on inaugural CDN writer's night at AMA headquarters in Sydney; the article partly concerns my work (I was invited to be the first reader)

'Creative Doctor Profile' in Medical Observer 2011. A Q&A response with Dr Tony Chu

The Chronicle (NT Chronic Disease Network) 2011  22/4 December 2011 p22. Chronic Disease and Sleep. Metcalf T, Massey H, Wu B


Poetry Reviews by me

John Malone, Makeovers: Five Bells 2002

Laura Jan Shore, Breathworks: Voice No 4 Dec 2002 pp38-40

Stephen Oliver, Night of Warehouses: Five Bells 2002

Stephen Oliver, Night of Warehouses: (different to above): J Aust Studies 2002

Geoff Goodfellow, Poems for a Dead Father: J Aust Studies 2002

Dransfield Selected ed. J Kinsella: J Aust Studies 2002

Freida Hughes, Stonepicker: Five Bells Summer 2003 p53

Stephen Oliver, Deadly Pollen & Ballads, Satire and Salt: Five Bells Autumn 2005

Rory Steele, Obverse and Parallel Lines: Five Bells Winter 2005 pp51-2

Len Green, The Medical Convention for MOPS: Five Bells Winter 2005 pp50-1

Ouyang Yu, Foreign Matter: J Aust Studies 2005

Nora Krouk, Skin for Comfort: J Aust Studies 2005

Tony Page, Gateway to the Sphinx: Five Bells Summer 2006

David Musgrave, On Reflection: J Aust Studies 41: 2006 

C Hedges, American Fascists: Voice No 22 2007

Susan Hampton, The Kindly Ones: Five Bells Winter 2007

Ross Gillett, The Sea Factory: Five Bells Summer 2007-8

Sandy Fitts "View from the Lucky Hotel': Five Bells Spring/Summer 2008/9

Michael Byrne, A Man of Emails: AP Sotto 2011



2014 Axel Clark Prize ANU for 'A Rose Asunder': shortlisted

2013 Perth Poetry Club reader's prize for 'Regiment'

2012 Castlemaine Cup reader's prize for 'Rare Dog Salad'

2006 Wet Ink/Wannabe prize: 'Paranoid Wind'; shortlisted

2005 Rosemary Dobson Award: 'The Good Hope': Winner

2005 Reader's prize at FAW Poets on Wheels Tour, Merimbula; Real Drone; Love is a Quantum Affair; Winner

2005 ABC South-East Nat Poetry Week Comp:Heading into town' selected

2004 ACT Publisher's Awards: 'Into the No Zone' Highly Commended (2nd)

?2002 ACT Performance Slam; Ode de Merd (unpublished!); Third 

2001 International Yellow Moon Prize for Nature Poetry: The Trapped Bird: Commended

2001 Bad Joyce competition: 'Joyce-tick': Winner

2001 Gunnedah Eisteddfod Haiku Competition: Western District Haiku: Commended

2000 W B Yeats (Australia and NZ) Award: 'Stages of Dying': Winner

2000 ACT Beyond the Margin Prize: 'Reaching Past': Commended 

Poetry Editorship

Australian Family Physician 2005-6

Sustain 2008

Metabolism 2012 Members Anthology of Australian Poetry Ltd: on editorial team

Notes in Literature and Medicine 

There are 37 on-line tutorials developed for ANU Medical School during 2004 and 2005: see my website


Back cover blurb for: Broder, O et al(2006) And They're Still Falling Ginninderra

                                  Holmgren V (2008) A Sense of Direction Ginninderra

Swan Christopher (2011) Daylight Dark and Shadow: Selected Poems   Limner Works

Acknowledged in Mitchell P (2003) Minor Physics Interactive Press

Poem about me 'Here to Stay' in Brophy K (2007) Mr Wittgenstein's Lion             Five Islands Press p 23

I am the doctor referred to so amusingly in McMillan A (2008) Strict Rules: The Blackfella-Whitefella Tour  Niblock publishing p231

Poetica is the poetry showcase for Radio National in Australia. Mike Ladd the presenter created a program about Verbal Medicine, including an interview with me. Broadcast in 2008 and again in 2011

Selected for AP Cafe Poets program,  delivered at The Goose cafe Bega 2011


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