John Keats

thConsiderAn Ode on Melancholy2

But when the melancholy fit shall fall

Sudden from heaven like a weeping cloud,

That fosters the droop-headed flowers all,

and hides the green hill in an April shroud;

Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,

or on the rainbow of the salt-sand wave,

or on the wealth of globed peonies;

Or if thy mistress some rich anger shows,

emprison her soft hand and let her rave,

and feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes.


3Consider:On the Death of KeatsConsider:  Look up the treatment Logan mentions: drinking your own blood: what was the purpose of this?

                        Try writing your own poem in which you imagine what it is like to be a doctor who suffers a particular medical condition. 


There is a lot of literature about tuberculosis. Next year we will look at The Magic Mountain, the novel that confirmed Thomas Mann for the Nobel Prize.  

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