This bibliography is simply a list of poems, that I have kept over years of reading poetry, that concern medicine in some way. It is not intended to be exhaustive, and it does not include some obvious names or books because they are in the two sources listed directly below:

(see also bibliography in Verbal Medicine for clinician poets)

(see also

This list has taken years to create: if you use it please acknowledge its source

Updated 21st of March 2013


Adamson, Robert  Selected Poems UQP   from the book Canticles on the Skin


Albiston Jordie ( ) The Fall 


Allen Harry   First dean of medicine Melb Uni/ Australia in 1880s:

see Verbal Medicine Historical Sketch


Bateson, Catherine in Wagtail no 75


Beaver, Bruce ( )  New and Selected Poems  UQP

from the book Charmed Lives

Beaver, Bruce in The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (ed. Heseltine1981)


Bernt RM (1976) Three Faces of Love Nelson This book contains aboriginal song cycles from Arnhem Land now largely modified or extinct; the initiation ceremony for women including defloration with tip of boomerang, intercourse with all the men, the older women collecting the running semen and red ochre in their mouths and spraying it onto the initiates, the red sunrise displaying the blood of fertility going into the sky etc especially pp67-74


Bone, Linette (2001)  Healing Tears


Bourke, L ( 2003) A Cold Touch  Indigo p37

Brandenstein CG and Thomas AP (ed) Taruru: Aboriginal Song Poetry from the Pilbara  Rigby 

Brophy, Kevin ( ) Portrait in Skin Five Islands Press



            In Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology  2008 To sculpt the moment p47, 49-50 (appalling treatment of aboriginal kids, primum non nocere)


Burke, Andrew in Wagtail 18


Cahill, Michelle  In Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology  2008  Six myths of love 52-5


Campbell, David ( )  The Man in the Honeysuckle


Campbell, Margaret in Poetry Monash


Choate, Alec (2000)  Ashes to Ashes


Cowley, Des Involution


Cronin MTC in Overland no 169 Summer 2002


Curtis, Fred  in Said the Rat  (ed. Phil Ilton and Jennifer Harrison) Black Pepper


Curtis, Graeme At Last No reply chapbook


Dawe, Bruce Condolences of the Season

Dawe, Bruce in The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (ed. Heseltine1981)


Day, Sarah (1997)  Quickening  Penguin 

Day, Sarah in Wagtail


Dobson, Rosemary ( ) Collected Poems  Angus and Robertson I think


The Blue Dressing Gown(2011) Profile Poetry


Dransfield, Michael (1980) (ed. Rodney Hall) The Second Month of Spring UQP


Duke, Jas H (1989) Poems of War and Peace Collected Effort Press


Edgar, Suzanne Wagtail 122 Still Life and Other Poems

            Complaint of the ailing birdwatcher 6; A broken arm 7



Fahey, Dianne Voices from the Honeycomb            pp67, 70, 71:

her experiences as psych inpatient

Fahey, Dianne in Wagtail no 77

th century poetry approach to some anatomy


Fatchen, Max A Paddock of Poems


Fitzgerald, Robert in Collins Book of Australian Poetry (ed. Rodney Hall)


Forbes, John Collected Poems, 1970-1998; 2001, Brandl & Schlesinger


Foulcher, J In Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology  2008

            This body 72-6 elegy for priests with cancer


Fowler-Lebcowicz, Leslie  in Blue Dog 4/7 p52 and 53


Goodfellow, Geoff (2002) Poems for a Dead Father Vulgar Press



Hall, Rodney in The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (ed. Heseltine1981)


Hamann, Kathryn Pelargoniums a book of poems about autism


Hampton, Susan (2009) News of the Insect World Five Islands Press

'Club Voodoo'...about a g.a.


Hart-Smith, William  Selected Poems Angus and Robertson


Harwood Gwen (2001) Selected Poems Penguin  p5

Harwood, Gwen (1988) Bone Scan  book concerns her illness


Hodgkins, Philip in Page,G (2003) The Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets


Holmgren, Venie Peasant in January



Jenkins, Carol in Wagtail no 11


Johnson, Judy in Wagtail no 9


Jones, Evan in The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (ed. Heseltine1981)

Jones, Evan Understandings (Reissued Picaro Press Art Box Series)

Jones , Evan The Politic Body in Wagtail


Judge, Hal (2007) Someone forgot to tell the fish Interactive Press


Kazan, Alia  Sitting at the Edge of Two Worlds  Self Published


Kennedy, Cate (2011) The Taste of River Water  Scribe 2

            Eating Earth 39-40 and Taproot 41-2  about her miscarriage

            Last man standing 27-30  wimmera and radiation; Snow 48-9 hypothermia


Kent, Jean (1990) Verandahs (Reissued by Picaro Press Art Box Series 2008)



Kerr, Fiona in Blue Dog  1/2


Kirkpatrick, Peter Wagtail 123

            Zoonosis 6; Westering 14-16 


Knight, Karen (2006) Doctor Says  Picaro Press/Wagtail


Kruss, Susan in Wagtail no 61


Ladd, Mike in Wagtail no 60


Landsdown, Andrew in Island


Langford, M (2008_)  The Mirror of the Ear in Wagtail no 78 Picaro Press


Laughton, Kenny in Voices from the Heart: Contemporary Aboriginal Poetry from Central Australia IAD Press  Made my bed pp39-40  consequences of alcoholism


Lawrence, A In Newcastle Poetry Prize Anthology  2008 mid section of p93-5


Lawrence, Stephen in Wagtail no 80 the Culture of Trains


Lea, Shelton (c1985) Poems from a Peach Melba Hat Abalone Press


Leggett, Andrew ( ) Dark Husk of Beauty  Interactive Press  p93


Llewelyn, Kate Figs


Lomer, Katherine in Wagtail no 31 


Louis, Yve  The Yellow Dress  Five Islands Press


MacDonald, Roger  (1975) Airship UQP (reissued Picaro Press 2008)


Madsen, Garth (2009) in Wagtail no 92  Picaro Press


Martins, D (1993) Beechworth Book    David Lovell Publishing Melbourne


McAuley, James (1971) Collected Poems 1936-1970 Angus and Robertson

McAuley, James in Page, G (2003) The Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets


McBryde, Ian (2004) Domain  Five Islands Press   book is about Nazi Germany

McBryde, Ian in Wagtail


McGuigan, Lorraine (2009) Wings of the Same Bird Interactive Press


McKenzie, Kenneth in Collins Book of Australian Poetry (ed. Rodney Hall)


McKimmie Mal ( ) Poetileptic 


McMaster, Rhyll (1993) On My Empty Feet  William Heinemann


Mercer, Gina in Wagtail a poem about cancer, and another medical theme poem


Meyers, Jennifer Winter Prayer and Songs of Death

Christian poems of grief, miscarriage


Morgan, Mal  in Wagtail no 4

Morgan Mal (1999) Beautiful Veins  whole book about dying of cancer


Mudrooroo (Colin Johnson) (1996) Pacific Highway Boo-blooz UQP (Name means paperbark)


Murray, Les Collected Poems  Angus and Robertson

Murray Les Subhuman Redneck Poems


Musgrave, David in Wagtail no 52


Neilson, John Shaw  The Collected Verse


Oliver, Stephen (2003) 


Owen, Jan in Wagtail

Owen, Jan Blackberry Season (Reissued Picaro Press Art Box Series)


Persson, Sheryl (2007) Scarcely Random  Ginninderra Press


Porter, Peter The Rest on the Flight: New collected poems A&R  


Pretty, Ron (2009) Where the Heart Is  Picaro Press


Riddell, in Page, G (ed.)(2003) The Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets


Rowbotham David (1964) All the Room  p53

Rowbotham, David in Page, G (2003) The Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets


Rowland, Robyn in Wagtail

Russell W. Les in Gilbert K (ed.)(1988) Inside Black Australia 

Salom, Philip (1998) New and Selected Poems Fremantle Arts Centre Press


Sariban, M Luxuries  Indigo


Savige, Jaya (2011) Surface to Air  UQP

            The pain switch p17


Shapcott, Thomas Shabbytown Calendar (Reissued by Picaro Press Art Box Series)

            (doctors extend credit) p53


Shen in Poetry Monash


Slade, Leon (1972)  Paperback Poets 12


Smith, Melinda in Quadrant: 'Autistic Crostic' April 2009; and 'Song of the antidepressant' and "Autistic child with acute auditory processing disorder' in Jan-Feb 2011




Steele, Rory ( ) Obverse and Parallel Lines 


Sun and Sleet 


Sykes, Bobbi (1979, 1988 ) Love Poems and Other Revolutionary Actions  UQP

Sykes B in Gilbert K (ed.)(1988) Inside Black Australia  Penguin Rachel p36 and Final Count p37



Taylor, Andrew in Wagtail


Thorley, Michael (2008) Sleeping Alone Indigo


Viidikas, Vicki in The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (ed. Heseltine1981)


Walter, Lesley in Ask the Rain


Webb, Francis in Wagtail no 74

(numerous other famous poems in Collected not listed here, mental illness)


West, John Edna unpublished MS in my possession, see p63

West John 'Diagnosis' in Quadrant Jan-Feb 2005


Whitting, Amy in Page, G (ed.)(2003) The Indigo Book of Modern Australian Sonnets


Williams, Jane in Wagtail no 73


Yu, Ouyang (2003) Foreign Matter


updated: 21/03/2013