SE Gully track

There are three steep gullies on the property with intermittent streams. The track I have made goes about 1.5km to the the bottom of our place, a fall of about 100m. It took me about 6 weeks to map it out and make it. I did it with minimal disturbance, mostly by what I call humanising the animal tracks that are already there, showing us the best ways along the contours and across the gullies. I select from many tracks, and level them out using pick and spade. Chain saws, axes, crow bars and saws are also useful here and there.

Jane about half way along the track, with a rough tree fern. How these plants survived the drought I will never know.
The track begins near the house.
A bit further along the track. There are numerous fern species on the property
The gully viewed from the house.
Vine covered vegetation in upper gully
updated: 07/03/2016