There are plenty of reptiles, including large goannas up to 5 feet long and snakes. Mostly we see the red-bellied black snake which hangs around the garden where the skinks it likes to eat live. This snake is dangerous but not quite deadly, and quite timid. We usually work alongside them in the vegetable garden without much concern. Tiger snakes and Brown snakes are seen less frequently, which is good, as they are two of the deadliest snakes in the world. Unknown or rare species of snake and lizard are seen from time to time.

In the past snakes sometimes got caught in our orchard netting. This a mature red bellied black snake, about 5 feet long. We carefully cut the net and released it, but it died from the ordeal. We no longer use netting at ground level. Snakes control the rodents, antechinus and skinks in the garden so we never kill them.
Mountain Heath Dragon
Golden skink, our most common lizard. These are intelligent, playful and curious animals. They eat our strawberries!
Jacky lizard
Unknown Amphibolorus species
Red bellied black snake out and about. About 4 1/2 feet long.
The same snake, near the shed
Cheeky golden skink!
Baby snake easily outsmarted by skink! (In our vegetable garden)
updated: 15/03/2016