Mammals not shown include the brown bandicoot, ring-tail possum, possibly the dingo, several bats, the bush rat, and the feral animals (horse & dogs, cats, foxes, rabbits, goats, fallow deer, & long-horn cattle have all been through)



A brown or Dusky Antechinus: cute, even sociable, but destructive.
The echidna is an egg laying mammal. Curious, and common.
Mountain Brushtail possum in the kitchen sink. Friendly, intelligent, vigorous, agile, dextrous and destructive!
Eastern Horseshoe bat. Hanging under the house, the head is about an inch across. Great animals to have about as they keep the mosquitos down
Wombats are not often seen with their teenage children hanging about
Eastern Grey Kangaroos can stand over 6ft and the males have intimidating muscle definition. The big one is named Jeff...well, not really
The graceful red-necked wallaby. This is a male
A swamp wallaby, the third macropod species seen most days on our lawns
This is the nest of a bush rat in our solar charger unit. Nice and warm in winter. Actually does little harm.
updated: 15/03/2016