Our Brogo home

Our place is about 120 acres/45 hectares. It is recovered temperate sclerophyll forest continuous with the forest of the Wadbilliga wilderness on the far south coast of NSW. We are about 230km south-east of Canberra, 450km south of Sydney and 680km east of Melbourne (3, 5.5 and 8 hours of driving respectively).

Brogo is a rural district on the far south coast of New South Wales
Our road is 4.5km long, heading towards Biamanga, the sacred men's mountain.
Our driveway
Walking down to our house.
Looking south-east from the house towards Bega.
One of our rainforest gullies.
A waterfall over grano-diorite boulders. Only flows after good rain.
We often see double rainbows. These two ridges of forest are both on our property.
updated: 07/03/2016