Jane (b1957...a great day for the world) and her ex-husband Martin built our mud-brick house, made of earth and timber from the property, between 1986 and 1992. Their children Rebecca (b1982) and Stuart (b1984) spent the first six years living in a shed now gone.

Tim (b1961) moved in in 1999. His daughters Xanthe (b1991) and Emily (b1993) were next to occupy the kid's bedrooms.

Only Jane has lived here the whole time.

X E T & J in the dam for a photoshoot. Local photographer Eryca Green took these in exchange for a load of firewood. It was very challenging to get a decent back-cover photo of me for my first book Corvus
Rebecca rides Jim, and Topaz allows Emily to believe she is riding her (2001)
Tim Emily and Xanthe
Jane and Rebecca 2001
Stuart leaves home, taking with him the only tin of Milo, in 2001
Xanthe and Emily with ducks
Ian and Tim in the heyday of The Gully Boys, a legendary Australian folk music retro-revolution
Jane on the way to the Opera in Tennant Creek! 2012
updated: 11/03/2016