There are well over 100 species of bird on our place, including the incredible lyrebird that can mimic motors, chainsaws, and most bird calls. They will join one bird call to the next and sing happily with endless variations. I have more than once run out of the garden to answer the phone...which turned out to be the bird!

Most of the bird photos are of wild birds that either come up to feed on some birdseed I put out, or do not look carefully enough and slam into our windows, which is a stunning experience. For this reason I do not like the windows to be sparkling clean, as the birds cannot see the glass and they break their necks if they are going too fast and on the wrong angle. See my poem 'Cleaning Windows'

Bronze-wing cuckoo
Fan-tail cuckoo
King parrot (male)
New Holland honeyeater
Crimson rosellas feeding on the verandah
Brown pigeon
A lyrebird tail feather
Wood duck (male)
updated: 07/03/2016